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Welcome to one of the "Top 5 Chiropractic Clinics in the United States" as rated by Integrity Doctors! ASFCA has locations in Overland Park and Lee's Summit.

Chiropractic and Acupuncture in Overland Park and Lee's SummitOur clinics offer a whole and integrated approach to treating your body naturally and our doctors are experts in their fields. We use multitecple hniques of care completely dependant upon YOU and what your body needs. With the combined knowledge of 6 doctors over 2 locations: male and female (from different schools around the nation) we have lots of options, techniques and expertise for you!

We are In-Network and Preferred Providers with almost ALL insurances!
If the word "technique" is something your not sure of- don't worry- the doctors will show you what they find will work best for you. However if you're seeking styles such as: Diversified, Thompson drop table, Activator - hand held tool, Gonstead, Kinesiology, ART... and the list continues, just ask- We are experts in our fields! If you don't know the name of your technique, again no worries: We offer Chiropractic both by hand (manual) and with low force tools (activator & thompson).

Most importantly - YOU WILL LOVE IT HERE! Check out our experts:

Overland Park Office:

Lee's Summit Office 

Our doctors hold specialty certification such as: Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician® through the ACBSP, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist(R) through the NSCA, Fellow of the Acupuncture Society of America, and Proficiency Certified in the Webster Technique by the International Chiropractic Pediatrics Association- We regularly treat patients from childhood to geriatrics, weekend warriors and professional athletes and olympians. We look forward to giving you and all of Kansas City excellent Chiropractic care in our Overland Park - Leawood clinic on Metcalf Ave and in downtown Lee's Summit, MO.

acupunctureASFCA offers Acupuncture.  Visit our 3 Acupuncturists (male & female) to get excellent care combining knowledge of both eastern and western approaches. Our doctors have degrees in both so we can work with you and even coordinate with your allopathic doctors care plan, if requested!

Acupuncture can be used to treat dysfunction, illness and for the reduction of pain by the stimulation and balancing of Qi' through points, called acupoints, located throughout the entire body. Dr. Woodle and Dr. Callan Martin are Nationally Board Certified in acupuncture through the NBCE, Dr. Christina Woodle and Dr. Brad Woodle are Fellows of the Acupuncture Society of America. All practitioners regularly treat women and men from childhood to geriatrics for a complete spectrum of health conditions.

Common Acupuncture conditions that we have great success with include: 

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Overland Park, KS Location
6701 West 121st Street (Suite #200) 
Overland Park, KS 66209 

Lee's Summit, MO Location
338 SW Main Street 
Lee's Summit, MO 64063