Does ASFCA accept Insurance?

Absolutely, we has strived to be in network and preferred providers with every insurance that will allow us to be. Now there are tens of thousands of insurance plans so we don’t magically know your benefits until we call or login to your insurer with your ID, but we do know we can help you!

Do you accept Medicare?

Yes! Actually Medicare covers chiropractic very well. Many of times offering up to 60 visits a year, as medically necessary with a co-insurance around $8, or less if you have a secondary.

Do you accept Medicaid or Tricare?

Sort of, we accept them but Medicaid and Tricare currently do not offer chiropractic coverage. What a super bummer and poor political ploy from the government. Don’t worry, every year we are legislating through the ACA, KCA and MSCA- National, Kansas and Missouri Chiropractic Associations to change this, as research continuously shows it would both save money help people with higher satisfaction and avoid un-necessary drugs and surgery.

What if I do not have insurance? Is care affordable? Do you offer payment plan options?

Absolutely! The most common service we perform is a chiropractic adjustment. The cash cost for this service is $41.25. We also do payment plans through CareCredit in which we pay them the interest so you can make small payments over up to 18 months’ interest free!

Do I fill out the paperwork online or at the office?

You can do 90% of your paperwork before you even come to the office!


Now I will tell you there is lots to write so don’t worry if you miss something or it doesn’t exactly apply. You and the doctor will thoroughly discuss everything in your office visit.

Do you offer patient consultations? And are they free?

We do offer a free new patient consultation. Please print off the coupon and bring it in with you so we may apply it to your visit. With a consultation, you have a one on one discussion with one of our licensed chiropractors or acupuncturists that will answer any questions you might have regarding care and if we can help you. It is important to let you know that of course a consultation does not include free treatment.

How long does a usual adjustment take?

It depends. It depends on the condition we are treating, the patient’s needs and what techniques we use. Of course we design care to the specific patient but in general an average follow up wellness visit is around 15 minutes.

Do you offer therapies to help me relax and hold my adjustments better?

We offer many physiotherapies including electrical muscle, TENS, ultra-sound, Class IV cold laser therapy, intersegmental traction, disc decompression therapy, whole body vibration and one on one exercise and rehab with our therapists.

Do you offer massage therapy?

Unfortunately we ran out of space. Therefore we do not offer massages or massage therapy within our clinic anymore, but we can refer you to a massage therapist that we have had excellent success working with!

Do you offer physical therapy services?

Yes, we offer a variety of active and passive physiotherapies. All physical therapies are also overseen by licensed doctor chiropractic.

Why are so many visits required for chiropractic care?

Chiropractic care treats both the symptom and the cause. It takes time to train the ones, ligaments and muscles in the body to stay where they belong and not to go back to what they are used to. Have you ever had an orthodontist take off your braces in a week or gained muscle with just one trip to the gym? The injury did not happen overnight, and the same can be said for the correction of it, but you often start feeling the positive effects of chiropractic and acupuncture after the first visit.

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