Patient for the Past Nine Years - Maintaining Good Health

By Steven

"I have been visiting Advanced Sports and Family Chiropractor for the last nine years. Every doctor I have ever visited is extremely knowledgeable about what it will take to get me back in good health. My recent visits with Dr. Sallee have been outstanding, his treatments always do the trick and get me on my way. I could not imagine putting my trust into another practice. I am consistently referring my friends and loved ones to this office because I know they will be taken care of."

Referred By a Friend - Wonderful Experience

By Jaclyn

"I was recommended by a friend & I'm so glad I came! Dr. Beck is a wonderful Chiropractor. He’s thorough & really looks at how the whole structure of the body work together rather than isolating one part, that may be the painful part. The girls in the front are ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL & so welcoming. They know you by name after your 1st visit. Jordan is AMAZING & very knowledgeable about the ins & outs of the industry. I will definitely recommend them to all my friends & family."

Trouble Sleeping - Chiropractic Treatments Helped

By Gabrielle

"I took my 4 month son to see Dr. Woodle because he was having so much trouble getting to sleep at night. Dr. Woodle made his adjustments at our first appointment and that night, my son slept for 6 hours straight. I couldn't believe it! The most he had ever really gone was three hours. He obviously need it! Since then we have seen Dr. Woodle once a week for a month and his sleeping has continued to improve. I highly recommend! Dr. Woodle is so kind and is very good with kids. The office staff are also very kind and helpful. Their prices are affordable, as well."

I Love My Chiropractor - Love My Acupuncturist - Love My Massage Therapist - LOVE THIS PLACE!

By dnj4dallas

"I have been a patient of Chiropractic for years now. When my doctor of a year moved away I started my search for a new family Chiropractor. I'm super excited that I found Advanced Sports and Family Chiropractic! My kids and I love this place. Both of my children are athlete's so they are constantly needing care for their bodies, and I have a genetically bad neck from my Mom! I have been seen by all 3 of the doctors and also by the massage therapist and I promise these are the BEST doctors in town by far!
My headaches are GONE!"

Acupuncture with amazing results, again and again.

By JK  

"I've been a patient of Dr. Woodle's since July 2008. I first went to him for acupuncture for severe pain management. He correctly diagnosed and treated the underlying issue extremely successfully. Weeks later, I went back for acupuncture for other issues, which he also helped me with. And then in the final stages of my pregnancy, I went back for acupuncture to stop early labor pains, which he again treated successfully and then I got the best night of sleep in weeks! Dr Woodle is extremely knowledgeable, professional and helpful. If you are considering this because you have an issue, this is the best $ you could spend! A bargain!

Retired Yankee and Dodger Still Dancin' at age 79 thanks to Chiropractic and Mona Vie
My name is Fred Kipp, and I will be 79-years-old October 1st. In the fifties, I played professional baseball with the Yankees and the Dodgers as a left-handed pitcher in both Brooklyn and LA. While I took good care of my body in the years I played ball, pitching took a toll on my body.

My wife, Lorraine, actually went to Dr. Woodle before I did on recommendation from my son Mark who went here first. My sciatica had given me a lot of problems over the years, and my wife's recommendation was that this certainly couldn't hurt anything and to just give it a try.

Dr. Woodle has a very different approach than other chiropractors. After having done a number of X-Rays and examinations, he believed it very important that I first go see my general practitioner and have an MRI done to make sure everything was in order. This was something I had never expected from a chiropractor and found myself pleasantly surprised.

I've been seeing Dr. Woodle for the past 6 months and have truly noticed that I can stand/sit far more comfortably and definitely notice the difference when I come in on a weekly or biweekly basis. As Dr. Woodle stated, I'm not going to be able to make you what you were back when you pitched for the Dodgers and the Yankees, but if you see me on a regular basis and establish a good maintenance program, like a car that is regularly maintained, I will keep you well-oiled and in good shape.

Dr. Woodle's office has more than one chiropractor, so you never have to feel that if he's on vacation, that there will not be another chiropractor that can care for you.

In addition to my chiropractic care from Dr. Woodle, I have also been introduced to and am now a distributor for Mona•Vie. Mona•Vie is a health and wellness beverage with 19 fruits, the açai berry being the major of all of the fruits. Mona vie helps to maintain blood pressure, cholesterol, a healthy heart, joints and ligaments, and the immune system. They also produce an energy drink that, unlike others of their kind, is all natural and won't give you a harmful sugar rush. This, in supplement with the truly outstanding chiropractic care that I have received from Dr. Woodle, has made a world of difference.

The progress speaks for itself-- when I was at the last Mona•Vie convention in Orlando there are pictures of me dancing on a chair. And, the only thing I had to drink was Mona•Vie! I'm able to work out, stand in line when necessary, and have a more comfortable everyday life with no ill effects. When I do work, my recovery time is much shorter. I was in heavy construction for over 40 years and have just closed my company, allowing me the time to engage in introducing Mona•Vie to others. This not only improves your health, but gives you the opportunity to improve your wealth as well.

Life is not one thing we do, rather it is a combination of everything to keep us in balance. The value of my chiropractic care and the Mona•Vie is an enormous gift I get to experience each and every day. Please feel free to take one of these flyers and give me a call so we can discuss Mona•Vie and, yes, I'd love to share some baseball memories as well."

Overland Park KS Chiropractic Center

By Maribel 

"Overland Park, KS residents can now see a great chiropractic center. You are always welcome to Advanced Sports & Family Chiropractic & Acupuncture where Dr. Woodle, a wonderful doctor and chiropractor can remedy injuries like back pain through massage and acupuncture. Their chiropractors are all educated in the latest techniques on treatment and will be able to assist you! You can finally live a pain-free life."

Brian P

"After continued lower back pain and a pain down my left leg (which I later found was my sciatica nerve) that had persisted for close to 6 months I decided to go to my family practitioner. He had me get an MRI done. This showed what I had feared two severe lower back herniations in my L4 L5 vertebrae which were pinching my sciatica nerve. He sent me to a neurosurgeon who wanted to do back surgery which was something I didn't want to go through with unless that was my only option. I did some research on my own to see what other options may be available to me. I visited with a few chiropractors in the overland park area and luckily stumbled upon Dr. Woodle at Advanced Sports and Family Chiropractic. This was my last visit after seeing 4 other local chiropractors. After only a few minutes I felt extremely comfortable with him and he suggested that even with my severe disk herniation he felt spinal decompression along with chiropractic work would get me close to a 100% in a few months?and he was right! After close to 4 months of Dr. Woodle working on me I have felt no pain down my leg or lower back pain. I am so thankful for what he did to get me back to normal and also with the staff he has. Everyone is so friendly and will honestly do whatever it takes to get you back to normal no matter what. For anyone considering Dr. Woodle you better not miss an opportunity to get better and feel great about doing it!"

Desiree O

"I want to thank the entire staff here for you kindness and patience you have all been wonderful! It was very refreshing to find a place and your staff who care so much for their patients! I wish all the best for this practice and team. Thank you!"

Loree P

"Dr. Woodle & Staff, I greatly appreciate all the wonderful cared I have received over the past few months. Everyone especially Meghan is extremely helpful and pleasant to work with. Based on the positive experience I've had, I will definitely refer you to anyone I encounter in need of chiropractic care. Thanks for all your help."

When You're Playing Pro Football it's about Staying Well

By Greg Wesley, Pro-Football, Former Patient's Program: Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Nutritional medicine

"Working with Doctor Woodle has been really beneficial to me because I've been to many chiropractors but most gave me no results. Since I've been here I've improved dramatically in a matter of days. The staff is very kind and makes you feel welcome! I would advise anyone needing care to their bodies to go to Advanced Sports and Family Chiropractic + Acupuncture."

Personality and Care- Doctor Woodle get an A+

By No Limbo for You 

"Doc Woodle has taken very good care of me and my back. I slowly abused my back over the last decade and after trying to limbo in Aug 2007, I was basically left unable to stand straight.

After trying a regiment of drugs, my primary care doc sent me to get physical therapy. Doc Woodle's office is next door to where I work, so i dropped in to see if they could fulfil my doctors requirements. Doc Woodle was there when i walked in, with he cheerful and helpful personality got me set up for an evaluation. After x rays and a MRI, it was discovered that I had a bulging disc, exactly the thing Doc Woodle thought i had when i first met with him.

Since then he has worked hard to get me on track so i could stand upright at my wedding, Steady for my honeymoon, and poised to be back in tip top shape for 2008.

I personally enjoy coming in and seeing Doc, he is always cheerful, has an excellent doctor/patient camaraderie, and thinks of you as a person, always eager to help you be well, not just undamaged. his concern for me extends past my bad back, but to all the things i am doing to my body that are unhealthy.

I have not found him to be pushy or aloof, but instead he listens and works with you until you understand as he does what is wrong and tries to guide you on a path to health, never pushing or prodding.

One of the most pleasant doctor/patient experiences i have had in my many years of seeing doctors.

Hopefully you too will give him a try."

User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Wonderful Acupuncture + Chiropractic Experiences!

By Harveya44 

"I have been a patient of Dr. Woodle's for about three months and he has done a wonderful job. I see him for both acupuncture and chiropractic services. I started acupuncture due to fertility/hormone issues and have seen huge improvements in my energy levels and weight loss (about 20 pounds) as well as improvements in regulating my hormones.

I have had several back injuries in the last two years and have been to doctors and other chiropractors, but continued to have problems. Dr. Woodle is extremely talented in listening to you as a patient and not only is careful during adjustments, but also teaches great exercises and other physical therapy activities. This allowed me to be able to successfully take part in the many different physical activities that I enjoy after two years of back pain!

Dr. Woodle is professional, attentive and creates great doctor/patient relationships. I would highly recommend him and Advanced Sports and Family Chiropractic + Acupuncture to anyone who could benefit from either of these services, especially those of you who may be skeptical of alternative medicine. You won't be disappointed!"

User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 
*Update-   Congratulations on your two beautiful babies!!!!

I highly recommend Dr. Woodle. We affectionately refer to him as our "back ninja." He's amazing.

by Hilary 

"I first met Dr. Woodle when he was interning at this location several years ago. I won't go to another chiropractor after experiencing his service - he's more than a chiropractor. He's an educator and a problem-solver.

The office/support staff is great. Dr. Woodle is an excellent listener and he is amazing at finding what ails you.

He not only fixes the problem but he's proactive about finding ways to keep it from happening again (through muscle strengthening, stretches, etc.)

I was so happy with his services that I was able to talk my hesitant boyfriend into trying a chiropractor for the first time. My boyfriend is active military and a recreational runner who was having problems with hip and knee discomfort. Army doctors gave him stretches and a prescription for muscle relaxants. He refused the muscle relaxants and the stretching helped minimally.

He explained the symptoms to Dr. Woodle who asked in-depth questions to further diagnose the problem. After a physical examination, Dr. Woodle was able to make several adjustments that have drastically relieved the discomfort.

Additionally, Dr. Woodle educated us on what may have caused the discomfort and made suggestions to prevent future problems (thru stretching, exercising specific muscles, etc.)"

He's a fabulous doctor!

User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

I can't speak highly enough about Dr. Woodle and his office.

By Xray Prof 

"I can't speak highly enough about Dr. Woodle and his office

He is simply amazing in his skills but more than that he truly cares about the best interests of his patients. They do a very complete examination, X-rays, and put together a treatment plan to get you well as effectively as possible and KEEP you well.

About me- I come from a medical background as both a MSED, BSRT(R) Which means that I'm a Registered Radiological Technologist, Instructor of Radiological Technology, and clinical coordinator for Avila University to multiple hospitals in the area. I was a gymnast, cheerleader,and diver in college and high school. My body has taken many bumps bruises and this has eventually led to multiple musculoskeletal problems in my neck and lower back, not to mention frequent head aches.

Today, I am excellent and staying that way. I have Dr. Woodle's office for occasional check-ups, but his program and care was like none I had ever received at any other offices. I was excited to have some options that fixed the problems instead of covering them up.

Acupuncture- I can't believe it but it's also helped my digestion- Did I mention I no longer have headaches! :)
Go see him, he's Great!"
User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

My Experience with Dr. Woodle has been amazing.

By A. Tyler 

"I recently just had a my first baby and through my whole pregnancy I had Chiropractic care. Dr. Woodle was so great at educating me in how to care for my body. And with regular adjustments and his education I rarely had any back discomfort that most woman experience through their pregnancy.
Now my son is 2 months old and has been seeing Dr. Woodle regularly since he was a week old.

The staff are efficient and friendly. And are great supporters to your needs and goals. I wouldn't choose any other clinic or Chiropractor to go to."

User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

If you are in need of a Chiropractor & Acupuncturist in Overland Park you need Dr. Woodle

By Lucky1

"Dr. Woodle and his staff are simply the best. They are always kind and understanding. He genuinely cares about your health and whats best for you.
If you are looking for one of those chiropractic offices that rush you in and out so fast it makes your head spin, this is not the place for you. Dr. Woodle takes time to go over anything new or old that's been bothering you and is very thorough in getting you feeling better. As I have learned its all about Maintenance. I have been too many a chiropractors and Dr. Woodle by far is the best. I get the information I need and top quality service I deserve. I have suffered from a cold for the last two weeks, I went in yesterday to get Acupuncture done and today I feel 100% again."

User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

It has been such a blessing to have come across Advanced Sports and Family Chiropractic!

By Nicholeu777 

"I have been a gymnast, cheerleader, and dancer and have considered myself in great physical health for years. However it seems that no matter how much strengthening and stretching I did, I could not get rid of my low back pain caused from my hips constantly shifting. It was a point of tears on several occasions and truly I have found a cure! Through the use of chiropractic adjustments, the posture pump, and stretches, my back, neck, and overall health are great! The team at Advanced Sports and Family Chiropractic strive for excellence in all they do; patient care, education, cleanliness, etc and seem to always be looking for ways to improve. I highly recommend Dr. Woodle and his excellent and thorough chiropractic care!"

User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Past back surgeries and the pain returned - until Now, Amazing!

Jennifer M. 

"I first went to see Dr. Woodle on September 10th, 2008. I had 2 bulging discs and one torn disc in my lower back, with extreme pain, numbness and weakness down both legs. I had been seen by my Pain Management doctor and Primary Care doctor two days before. After exhausting all efforts for relief, from pain medication and epidural shots (times 4) to physical therapy, my doctors recommended I talk to my surgeon (again) who had done a micro-discectomy surgery on me 11 years ago. 

I decided to look into acupuncture instead and found the Advanced Sports and Family Chiropractic clinic through my insurance website. They got me in immediately….and I do mean immediately. I was filling out paperwork 15 minutes after my initial call to them. After a thorough evaluation and x-rays, Dr. Woodle recommended acupuncture, disc decompression, adjustments and specific spinal exercises.
While I was willing to do anything, I was initially concerned about the cost, as my insurance didn’t pay for everything. They talked to me about payment options, and after my first treatment, I was convinced that this was finally my chance to not only get some relief, but heal completely.

After two visits, I felt significant relief from the pain and numbness down my legs. I have continued to improve on a consistent basis. I believe my success is do to “the whole package” that is offered here. I don’t think that just one element of my treatment has made the difference, but rather, all pieces combined, including the stretching and strengthening, the massage therapy, the atmosphere and the entire staff.
I have recommended Advanced Sports and Chiropractic to friends and co-workers. They have all seen the difference it has made for me, physically and emotionally. I’m a true believer in acupuncture and disc decompression now. I’m looking forward to 100% recovery and continued health and maintenance of my spine.   
Many thanks to the entire staff at Advanced Sports and Family Chiropractic!"

Billie J. W.

"Thank you everyone for all of the baby wishes! I have to give a big shout out to Dr. Bradly M. Woodle at Advanced Sports and Family Chiropractic and Acupuncture. Three months of adjustments and acupuncture did what 2 years of Ob/Gyns, fertility drugs and surgeries couldn't do. Thank you so much Dr. Woodle, this baby is happening because of you!"

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