Power Vibe: Whole Body Vibration

Using state of the art technology to achieve state of the art results!

At ASFCA, we think it is very important to stay up- to date on the all the new advancements in health care and Power Vibe: Whole Body Vibration is a prime example of this. It is a truly effective way to increase your overall wellness!

Here are the facts:

WBV is used in clinics all around the country from therapeutic centers to rehabilitation facilities and even major medical hospitals. Several athletes, astronauts, and celebrities having been using WBV as part of their regime for years! Backed by over 40 years of scientific research, it is widely accepted and has many beneficial results to your wellness!

• WBV is a more efficient way to tone and work out your muscles
• WBV increases the release of endorphins and improves lymph flow
• WBV helps to improve your balance and coordination by training your equilibrium sense.
• WBV increases the flow of blood and oxygen throughout the body
• WBV helps to improve bone mineral density.
• WBV helps you de-stress, by lowering the hormone, Cortisol

Overall, WBV is a great way to ensure you are living a quality life! It enhances your general health and increases your wellness, no matter your age, lifestyle or current physical state. WBV training is as easy or difficult as you make it! Though it's not difficult, it can be a challenge. But, with the guidance from our doctors and exercise therapists, the benefits to your health could be tremendous. Results come easily, under the proper guidance.

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