Ankle & Foot Pain

We can't think of a better place for help with ankle and foot problems than ASFCA. Our clinic has a team of doctors trained in biomechanics and the function of the feet, in addition to state of the art technology to actually scan your feet and see where your imbalanced pressures are.

Did you know your foot is made of 26 tiny bones? If only one of these bones is misaligned or not functioning properly pain and discomfort can and usually will result. The foot also contains a multitude of ligaments, tendons and muscles which are directly affected by these mis-alignments. Slips, falls, athletics, sports injuries, traumas, sprains and strains to our feet can lead to these mis-alignments. Simple and proper adjustments to correct alignment issues in the foot can decrease pain and increase function. The proper mechanics and workings of the foot are terribly important as these mis-alignments will usually alter your walking or step pattern and lead to causing knee, hip and lower back problems.

Treatments depend solely upon the condition we are treating. We offer advanced care with:

So what if we need orthotics or insoles? We use Foot Levelers custom orthotics!
Orthotics are custom-made inserts that fit directly into your shoes. They support the arches of the feet and stabilize them as well. When the feet are stabilized, the knees and pelvis are stabilized and so on up the chain all the way to the top of your cervical spine. By correcting the misalignments within the feet, you promote proper positioning, better posture and less pain. That being said, the pain does not have to be in the feet to need Foot Levelers orthotics. In fact, your feet could feel perfectly fine. You may even be feeling pain in other areas of the body that could be stemming from improper positioning of the feet within shoes resulting in poor posture and fatigue.

How do I get my orthotics?
A digital scanner is used at your chiropractor's office to scan both of your feet and get an impression of what areas within your feet need to be corrected and stabilized. Based off of the scan results, the doctor will be able to recommend proper style and fit needed for your specific daily activity level. The digital scan will be processed by the Foot Levelers Laboratory and your custom orthotics will be crafted from 16 precise measurements that were taken of your feet during your digital scan. When finished, the lab will send your orthotics back to your chiropractor where you will be able to pick them up, be fitted and be on your way back to a pain-free, balanced and happy lifestyle.


"Now that I have accepted that I am not in my 20's anymore where I could easily wear 6" heels and not fear of tripping..  lo and behold it happened to me, I tripped from one step and twisted my ankle - ouch! and a couple of months later my ankle and my foot hurt very badly to the point i couldn't walk.. without support..

I went to my reliable PCP but she had no answer - I found a chiropractor through a colleague at work that is like no office I have ever been too. They looked an my whole body and especially my foot and ankle. Lo an behold after only 2 sessions of foot treatments and a back bone check my foot started returning to normal. Its covered under insurance and the follow ups are recommended and then its up to you , they don't pester you to come after you feel better, but I did follow their recommendations and it has paid off!

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