Cold Laser Therapy - Class IV Laser

ASFCA offers "State of the Art" Cold Laser Therapy for many ailments that afflict the body. We have one of the most advanced and powerful cold laser available. Apollo

The human body is made to heal itself, but when the body gets stuck in a destructive loop and is unable to reverse the damage, cold laser therapy helps the body heal, and also stimulates the body to release endorphins, which is the bodies natural pain killer. Cold Laser Therapy stimulates lymphatic draining and increases the body's natural blood circulation. An increase in fluid circulation allows the harmful toxicants to be released from the body and helps relax the body's muscles, which if untreated can cause body fatigue.

Cold Laser TherapyCold Laser Therapy is painless, the doctors and therapists at ASFCA are professionally trained to use and understand the effects of the cold laser.

ASFCA uses the Class IV Apollo Cold Laser that has been FDA registered. With some treatments, the effect is felt at the time of treatment. Cold Laser Therapy is a cumulative treatment and requires multiple treatments for most patients to notice the body responding to the therapy. Since the laser is affecting the cellular level of the body, it takes time for the body to communicate within itself and transmit the information from cell to cell. One treatment will not be sufficient with this type of therapy.

In the beginning it is recommended to have at least two to four treatments a week, depending upon the severity of your condition Each treatment takes less than 15 minutes. Like a diet or change of life style, the cold laser as well takes time to see results, but once they are noticed, there is so much more going on inside the body, that the affects just keep coming. Cold laser therapy can treat migraines, muscle, and bone, joint and neurological ailments such as neuropathy. There are different required amounts of treatments depending if the affected site or sites are acute flare-ups or chronic pain. For instance, neuropathy is chronic pain. The Cold Laser Therapy helps the body deal with the pain by stimulating the natural endorphins within the cellular structure. The specific treatment you need would be implemented within the care regiment set by your chiropractic doctor. An acute flare-up heals the cells at the cellular level and once healed the treatments are complete, unless further treatments are recommended.

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