Neck Pain

Neck pain is very common but not "normal". It is not just part of the aging process and there are many ways to prevent, eliminate, and control neck problems. With the change in daily activities and added stress in our lives we have witnessed a great change in the posture and therefore function of the joints in the spine.

Also as we live long the effects of the micro traumas we experience each day accumulate and have time to present with bigger problems in our 30's and beyond. The long term effects of the daily wear and tear of our spinal joints can result in debilitating conditions.

What if you could do something about neck pain? Would you do it? If the answer is "yes" then look no further. Chiropractic  is extremely effective in the treatment of neck and back pain. Chiropractic care is noninvasive and a cost effective way to ensure a long high quality of life late into your 90's.

*A recent 7 year study by the Task Force of Neck Pain and Its Associated Disorders; Bone and Joint Decade 2000-2010 reported that the most effective treatments for neck pain include chiropractic and acupuncture.

What is Neck Torticollis, also known as waking up with a crick in the neck?

Have you woken up and tried to turn your neck to only cringe with pain? People tend to call this a stiff or frozen neck. Some will call it a crick in the neck and feel like they have slept on their neck wrong. Maybe falling asleep on the couch was not a good idea after all. Or taking away or adding that extra pillow caused more harm than good. Either way, their neck hurts and sometimes the pain can be severe and cause other symptoms such as nausea and headaches. Click here for more information.

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